• What is SEO ?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the traffic and quality of traffic on a Website from Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo. Ranking well on the major Search Engines can significantly increase the number of visitors to a Website.
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  • We can help your company

    Optimizing your Website will provide a good Return on Investment (ROI) by substantially increasing the number of visitors looking for your products or services on the Web.

    Thus, you will increase the number of sales and help promote your brand.
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  • Services offered

    Depending on your needs, the following work can be done by OptimisationV.

    * Analysis and recommandation for your website
    * SMM (Social Media Marketing)
    * Creating and managing Google Adwords Campaigns
    * And more...
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OptimisationV is a company specialized in SEO and located in the Montreal area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO analysis and recommendations for websites and blogs

Keyword analysis

Social Media Marketing, including Facebook and Twitter

SMM (Social Media Marketing), incluant, entre autres, Facebook et Twitter

Installation, configuration, management and training on Google Analytics

Certificate (PDF)

Creation, maintenance and audit of Google Adwords Campaigns.
Please access the Google Adwords “Disclosure Document” for third-party partners.

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