Sharing Budgets in Google Adwords

Shared budgets is a new Google Adwords feature that will be very useful, whether your Google Adwords monthly budget is of 100$ or 30 000$. It will also facilitate the work of marketers managing Google Adwords campaigns for clients.

But what is this budget sharing? Well, the way Google Adwords used to work, you had to define a specific budget for every campaigns that were running in your Google Adwords account. It was designed this way, and you could not automatically move money from a campaign to another if there was some budget left unused in a campaign, and money missing in another.

With the Google Adwords shared budgets feature, it is now possible to use a shared budget that can be spent in many campaigns. It was about time this feature was put in place, since it will help agencies and web marketers to help their clients get better ROI by having enough budget for their best campaigns. It also will help Google increase its revenue since companies using this feature are likely to spend more money on their PPC campaigns.

To access and use this feature, click Shared library in your Google Adwords console, and select Budgets.

For more details, see the “About shared budgets” page of the Adwords Help Center.

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Cost Per Click for Google Ads

Google Adwords is the Google ads product that allows enterprises to put online ads on Google search results pages and other networks (Display Network, Google Search Partners, other Google products, etc.). This is a well-known product, and it is available to all on the Google Adwords website.

What is more complex and not well known by many though is the methods used by Google to determine what it is going to cost you for each click on your online ads. An auction system combined with quality factors (Quality Score) are what determine the price you will pay for each click. By the way, this is the question I get asked the most related to Google Adwords: “How much will I pay for every click?”.

The cost varies from click to click, but Google Adwords lets you control the maximum price you are wiling to pay for every click (Maximum Cost Per Click).

To help you understand this system, here is a video from Google economist Hal Varian. This video explains in details how the cost for every click is determined.

For those interested, many other videos related to Google Adwords are available on the Google Business Youtube Channel.

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A new version of the Google Adwords Editor

A new version of the Google Adwords Editor (Version 9) has just been released by Google, available here. It has been announced on the official Adwords Blog, in the “Google Adwords Editor” post of May 5th 2011.

For those not familiar with this tool, the Google Adwords Editor id the Google software allowing the management of your Google Adwords Campaigns.

Google AdWords Editor offers many features, but the basic process is pretty straightforward :

Download your Adwords account, Edit your campaigns offline, and then upload your changes to your AdWords account.

The version 9 offers the following features:

  • Easier management of  Ad Sitelinks
  • Set high-end mobile targeting options
  • Better management of multiple accounts and MCCs
  • More easily find and make bulk changes to negative keywords, placements, or audiences

Other minor features has been added. All the details on this version on the Version 9 Release Notes page.

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