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This is quite new (from 2011), but it is already great! I’m talking here about DoYouSEO, the Montreal SEO Association. It was started by Arnaud Mangasaryan. The goal of DoYouSEO is to assemble SEOs and web marketers from the Montreal area (in Canada) to help promote SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to their clients, business partners, collaborators and employers.

To this day, 3 DoYouSEO camps were hosted, with interesting presentations form local SEOs of the association. And to celebrate summer, a “DoYouSEO Apero” took place in June. DoYouSEO camps and meetings are great places to meet SEOs and discuss Web Marketing problems and solutions. Oh, and everything is free. :-)

Pictures of the events are available here on Flickr:

The LinkedIn Group of the association is here:

The RSS Feed is here: and the Twitter Account is here:

Hoping to meet you there!

Google Freshness Update

A few weeks ago, Google announced a new algorithm change to serve “fresher” results in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). So, for searches done on the Google search engine, the results displayed will sometimes contain very recent pages. The name of this algorithm change is the “Google Freshness Update”.

As an example, if you search for “final score hockey Pittsburgh Montreal”, you probably want to see the result of the most recent game between these 2 teams, and not the score of a 2006 game, right? For many other searches however, this Google update has no impact. You do not need a very fresh result for the “Songs Last Album Elvis Presley” search…

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This change in the Google Algorithm has been made possible by the major architecture changes done in the Data Centers that were completed last year. This huge infrastructure change was called “Caffeine”, and made possible for Google to crawl and index the web much more quickly than before. That change was a prerequisite to the Google Freshness Update.

More details on this on the “Giving you fresher, more recent search results” blog post of the Official Google Blog.

Google Algorithm Changes

SEOmoz just released a new document, that is supposed to be kept up to date all the time. It is the « Google Algorithm Change History », that will present the algorithm changes in Google Search. It is very interesting since it does display the modifications that were documented since 2000, with the appearance of the Google Toolbar.

For the SEOs, this new document will be very useful to quickly find information on the old Google updates, and to keep informed on the new updates.

The “Google Algorithm Change History” is just here, and has been announced on the SEOmoz blog on the « Announcing: The Complete Google Algo History » blog post.

Advanced SEO Book

Wow. An Excellent SEO book, written by Gabriel Goldenberg. Just fresh out of press, and it is really worth the read. I read the PDF version about a month ago, and I just read it again this time in print version.

This Advanced SEO Book contains 7 Curiously Obvious SEO Rules and 30 Singular Tactics that illustrate them. Lots of great material for advanced SEOs. Not the basic “Don’t forget to rename your images” stuff…

Lots of valuable information, and I really recommend this book. You can get the first chapter for Free on the Gabriel Goldenberg SEO ROI website on it’s Advanced SEO Book page.

The big Google algorithmic change of February 2011

As announced on their Official Blog, Google made major changes to their algorithm around February 23rd, 2011.

This change is huge, since 12 percent of the search queries are impacted. From what Google is saying, the purpose of this major update is to lower the search engine rankings of low-quality sites.
Sadly, the changes often generate collateral damages. We can anticipate then that great sites with high-quality content will also be affected by these changes.

It is to be noted though that this update only affects the United States for now. The change will be propagated all over the world over the next few weeks or months. As for me, I have not seen major changes in rankings for my clients in the US. I might have gain a few rankings for some keywords, but nothing huge. It is way too early though to draw conclusions, we will know more in a few weeks.

For additional information on this big Google algorithmic change, I strongly suggest you take a look at the « Google Updates and SERP Changes – February 2011 » at WebMasterWorld

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