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Who is OptimisationV?

OptimisationV is a company specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Jonathan Villiard continuously keeps himself up-to-date with what is related to Search Engines, and he applies what he learns on his many Websites and blogs. His first Website was created 9 years ago, and it is to attract more and more visitors to this Website that he began learning SEO years ago.

Ongoing learning and testing in this field is what allowed him to become an expert, and by doing so, he always attracts more visitors to his Website. But this expertise also enables him optimizing other companies Websites as well.

Numerous hours are dedicated to learning new trends and techniques related to Search Engine Optimization, blogs and social medias.

Jonathan Villiard is also a certified Google Adwords Professional and Google Analytics

Google Adwords certification





  • 6 years in Search Engine Optimization
  • 10 years as a Web analyst in large enterprises
  • 16 years in computer science


Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences

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Jonathan Villiard


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