Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

An interesting functionality, still unknown to most marketers and developers, is the possibility to use Google Analytics features in mobile apps. Since the number of mobile apps is always on the rise, especially on iOS (for iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and on Android (the Google mobile platform), it is good to know that Google Analytics can now measure the performances of these apps. Some stats offered by Google Analytics are very interesting and useful:

- Number of installations of the app
- Geographic location of the users
- Sales made from within the app
- Specific actions made in the app (such as looking at a video, accessing a feature, etc.)

All this data can be used to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of your mobile application, and to know more on the usage of your application. These information are available in your Google Analytics account.

How ca you install Google Analytics for mobile apps? It is a little bit more complicated than just installing Google Analytics on a website. Some specific code has to be installed in your mobile app. It is all documented in the Google Analytics Software Developers Kits. The SDK for Android is here and the SDK for iOS is here

Once it is all configured, that stats are available in your Google Analytics account.

For more information on the subject, I recommend you read “Google Analytics Mobile Analytics And Reporting” , from the official Google Analytics website.

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