SEO Basics Video, in 10 minutes!

Google recently published an interesting video about SEO basics, which is called “SEO for Startups in under 10 minutes”. 10 minutes well invested if you want to know a little bit more on that subject.

This video has been presented on the Google Webmaster Blog, in the “SEO essentials for startups in under 10 minutes” blog post. If you already know about SEO, this video is not for you. :-)

A few things to remember:

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools
  • Use a web analytic tool (Google Analytics or other)
  • Use keywords that normal people use (e.g., “running shoes,” not “athletic footwear”)
  • Every page of your site should have:
    • A unique subject
    • A unique Title Tag
    • A unique meta Description
    • the keywords in the url
  • Get natural links (!)
  1. Ethan says:

    Great job covering the SEO basics. I appreciate your input. I will pass this on to some of my newbies. Thank you.

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