“Jonathan Villiard of OptimisationV greatly helped us in producing an analysis involving Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a major client. His professionalism and his expertise in these areas made possible the redaction of a comprehensive and high quality document.”

- Stéphane Guérin, IT Architect and Entrepreneur

Nofolo – www.Nofolo.com,  StephGuérin – www.StephGuerin.com

“We are working with OptimisationV for over a year on our SEO efforts. We now have more qualified visitors to our site (www.elfiq.com) and the bounce rate has declined significantly. A big thank you!”

- Jean-Pascal Hébert, VP of Business Development

Elfiq Networks – www.elfiq.com

“Working with Jonathan Villiard of OptimisationV to optimize the new version of our MediMabs website was a pleasure. He was extremely helpful in setting priorities for the tasks that needed to be accomplished to help us maintain and even improve our rankings in the Search Engines. He also helped us create and maintain Google Adwords ad campaigns.”

Guillaume Goyette, Ph.D. – Webmaster / Post-doctoral fellow

MediMabs – www.medimabs.com

“I was extremely pleased with Jonathan’s work on our Google AdWords campaign. We improved our hit ratio and lowered false positives to unrelated websites. I recommend Jonathan to any company who wants to hire a REAL Google AdWords expert!”

- André Thouin, Tresurer

Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie  – www.leconservatoire.org

“OptimisationV carried out an Audit of our Google Adwords campaigns, and have been able to recommend us changes that really improved our campaigns!”

Daniel Laplante, Owner

DanTechElectro – www.dantechelectro.com

“Jonathan Villiard of OptimizationV was hired to help us with the Google Adwords campaigns of a client. He was very efficient and professional.

He knows his subject very well and his expertise is truly impressive. I recommend OptimizationV to any company or organization who want to MAXIMIZE their investment and take FULL ADVANTAGE of Paid Search.”

Richard Péladeau, Team Coordinator

GRP Consulting – www.grpconsulting.ca

“OptimisationV created effective Pay Per Click Google AdWords campaigns to maximize our budget on Internet marketing. These campaigns allowed us to increase our revenues while keeping our costs low.”

François Dupéré, Owner

Zeroticket – www.zeroticket.ca

“It’s been years since I’ve met Jon, and the whole time he has been reading constantly and applying what he learns to his sites and clients. He has a deep knowledge and has achieved some remarkable successes for himself and clients. For and honest, insightful and hard-working consultant, hire Jon.”

Gabriel Goldenberg, SEO Expert– Author – Entrepreneur and speaker at Search Marketing Expo


“Solutions Nexsign is an agency specialized in Digital Signage and other media placements. We have many clients with various needs in Internet marketing. OptimisationV was referred to us, and we are very satisfied of this collaboration.

We have delegated the web marketing tasks to OptimisationV: Pay Per Click ads with Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics with Google Analytics, Google Places, Social Networking with Facebook and Twitter, Conversions Tracking, Google Webmaster Tools, Auditing Adwords campaigns, etc.

We are really pleased with the results and do not hesitate to recommend OptimisationV.”

Benoit Lefebvre, President

Solutions Nexsign – www.SolutionsNexsign.com

“I worked with Jonathan on specific SEO mandates. I really liked his professionalism and expertise in Web Analytics, Paid Search Advertising, and business issues related to the optimization of companies websites. I would gladly work with him again and I highly recommend Jonathan Villiard as a strategic web resource.”

Vincent Abry, Expert Technology Blogger – Web Marketer

Vincent Abry – www.VincentAbry.com, ElvMind Partners – www.ElvMind.com

“OptimisationV helped us solve a complex problem with Google Analytics code and Google Adwords for a client. They also put in place the necessary code to track the number of conversions on a specific and complex event on 2 websites.

I definitely recommend OptimisationV for their expertise with Google Analytics and Google Adwords.”

Louis Durocher, President Orenoque

Orenoque Interactif – www.Orenoque.com

“Jonathan is a smart, likable fellow who is constantly studying SEO and SEM. No wonder that he is one of a very small number of Google Certified consultants in Montreal. I used his services for a Google Adwords campaign for a client of mine and the results were impressive. My client now sees that the web can bring in profits and increased his budget for his website redesign.”

Marc Poulin, Web Strategist and Designer of Profitable Websites

Marc Poulin – www.MarcPoulin.com

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