The power of Google Universal Search

In 2007, Google introduced the Google Universal Search, an important change in the Search World. Since then, the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) do not show only 10 organic links, but mix the links with images, videos, maps, news, books, etc.
Having a few websites with many images, I have seen in the last few years an important increase of visits coming from images searches. These visitors do not click the “Images” link in Google to search specifically for images, but they see these images in the regular Google Search now, thanks to Universal Search.

As an example, a search for “Dogs” on presents the following SERP:

This being said written, would you believe me if I told you that a single image brought me more than 150 000 page views in 3 days only? All of this because of the Google Universal Search?

Here is what happened:

From December 23rd to December 25th 2010, Google was showing this on the Google Homepage for Christmas:

When one of these image was clicked, a specific search was performed on Google. In the specific case I want to address, a click on the Great Wall of China image made a search on,,, and other English Google homepages.

Do you see the image on the left that was showed by the Google Universal Search? Well, that image was from one of my websites, at the page.

Of course, a very small percentage of Google users went through all these steps to visit my website, but still, that page has been seen more than 150 000 times in 3 days!

Of course, revenues from Google Adsense skyrocketed, but this I will not publish here… :-)

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